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In Irish mythologyBalor or Balar was a leader of the Fomoriansa group of malevolent supernatural beings. He is often described as a giant with a large eye that wreaks destruction when opened. He has been interpreted as a personification of the scorching sun, and has also been likened to figures from other mythologies, such as the Welsh Ysbaddaden and Greek Cyclops. Balor first appears in the medieval texts that make up the Mythological Cycle.

Uhf satcom antenna design

From the design of the first breathing regulator for Project Mercury, to a full suite of hardware and cutting-edge pneumatic subsystems for the ISS, Cobham has engineered some of the most complex, challenging space components in existence today. Cobham builds ultimate reliability into life support From internet in the sky through to jamming and missile guidance for the latest fighter aircraft, Cobham has an innovative suite of avionics, communication and navigation products for an From lightweight composite CNG tanks for automotive, to wireless coverage in the world's tallest building, Cobham has a variety of land based solutions for commercial and defence applications.

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